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Sanya Technologies has its precision edge in providing Engineering design services. The company, with its qualified technical experts, is helping Industries in giving technical support in the fields of Computer Aided Designing, Manufacturing and Engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE).

As a Techno visionary we understand the gap between the industrial needs and present day technology. Our experts from various fields, with a wide knowledge and vast experience give the best services to the industries.

We expertise in

1. Design services
The company uses advanced 3D modeling platforms and its in-house product development team to forefront of the Detailing, Drafting, and 3D modeling industry.
•  Industrial designing
•  Cabling and harness designing
•  Mould cavity designing
•  Tool designing
•  Surface designing

2. CAD data conversions
In present days the technological advancements is linked up with a variety of Design complexities. Design complexities like CAD Data management, Legacy data migration, Multi-cad data conversions etc, are very big challenges for product development companies.

Different vendors use different MCAD platforms to work, so adoption of all those platforms is very difficult and in some cases it is highly impossible. All these situations were linked up with Cost, Availability of Technical manpower etc.
•  Legacy data conversions
•  2D to 3D conversions


The company uses advanced 3D modeling platforms and its in-house product development team to forefront of the Detailing, Drafting, 3D modeling and Product analysis industry. We combine Analytical, Engineering, design and practical thinking to help organizations develop better Technologies for people, and provide meaningful and sustainable growth for business. We are a company that delivers timely and perfect solutions, to help industries become more profitable and adaptable.

Product Development
Every technology needs advancement in its usage. There is no stop or pause for improving an already developed product. Hence there is an utmost need to upgrade already developed technology.

Sanya has its mark in helping its clients in improving/upgrading/developing their products.

Conceptual Development
Every technical need is a seed for developing a new concept in technology. Developing a new concept not only requires creative minds but also technical minds. But, concept development is not boundaried by only creative or technical minds; it is a conglomeration of above said and also engineering, modeling, drafting, detailing and analytical minds.

With a vision of developing technology, we Sanya Technologies have established our R&D division.

Our R and D team Works on the concept and develop new ways to explore the concept technically. If you are looking for a team that help you in implementing your technical and un-explored concept to reality, we are your best mates.

We have our own R&D establishments and we are working on
•  Agricultural Machinery


Building a prototype and checking whether you concept works in real time environment is not the solution. After advancement in MCAE tools building your prototype in MCAD tools and checking it in MCAE tools is most recommended and time and resource saving way.

Today all product developing companies have switched to latter way to check their concept in reality.

Our expertise domains in analysis are

Structural Analysis
We check your model for structural loads like displacement, force, pressure, Loads, vibrations etc. We can perform both liner and non-linear analysis both in static and dynamic scenarios.

Applicable for
•  Concepts involving solid models without fluids
•  Concepts that does not involve temperatures
•  Load and deflection conditions
•  Can be done if it is needed, even in combination of thermal and CFD.

Thermal analysis
Here we check for the effect of heat developed in the real time operation of your concept on the deduced model. We assign heat fluxes that are supposed to be developed in the model and perform analysis to get exact results that we get in real time operation of the concept.

Applicable for
•  Concepts that involve production of heat fluxes
•  Can be done if it is needed, even in combination of Structural analysis and CFD.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFD is an abbreviation for ‘Computational Fluid Dynamics’. As the name suggests here we check the effect of fluid (liquid or gas) on the real time model.

Some examples that come under CFD
•  Analysis of air impact on large hording
•  Analysis of Flow of steam in a steam turbine(here we need to perform thermal and CFD in combination)

Applicable for
•  Concepts that involve fluid flow
•  Can be performed in combination with structural and thermal analysis



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